Website Design

Building a website is part technical, part marketing, but most of all it's about results: increasing your visibility, spotlighting the benefits that your company can provide, attracting new customers, providing a call to action, and increasing your bottom line. Before any website project can begin, we are back to that one question, What do you want people to know about your business?

How will your web site enhance your business?

  • To provide information on a specific topic?
  • To market and sell your products?
  • To establish or build your business or product identity?
  • To make it easier for my customers to contact you?
  • To help you reduce costs?

Building a website is not a one size fits all endeavor.  There are many content management systems out there that will come close to what you need, but not fit the bill.  A site built by Armanda Designs will work within your budget and deliver results are in line with your business goals.  In reality, the choices to meet those goals are endless.  Armanda Designs specializes in intuitive and easy to use admin interfaces that tackle one task at a time.  Don't know how to write code? You don't need to.  If you would like to update your site yourself, it's can be as easy as uploading a photo from your phone, adding a caption, and done!

Many of the things that make a website work well for you are behind the scenes.  Armanda Designs uses a technique called responsive design which allows your site to work well on all devices.  We also implement Google search and Google G4 (Analytics) so you know which pages are most popular. 


The first step in a successful website project is to figure out what you want to say and find multiple ways to convey the information. Your content is driven by your business goals, and is the core of your site and the foundation of your Search Engine Optimization. You want to include your logo, use existing graphics, or have Armanda Designs create graphics for you.

Your content is the core of your site. It creates the message, drives the graphics, and is the foundation for Search Engine Optimization. Your content comes in all shapes and sizes, and you probably have more than you realize. Many people shy away from content development but it's easier than you think.  Armanda Designs can help you generate or polish your custom content to build a unique site that will showcase your talents and talk about your products and services.

Get Started

These simple questions will help you determine what to say or promote on your site.

  • What are the questions your customers or potential customers ask most frequently?
  • What do want people to know about your business?
  • Are you an expert in your field?

Help your customers find what they need, when they need it.  Your website should deliver quick and easy access to relevant information.  The 24/7 availability of a website enables you to reach more people than you can from 9 to 5.


Good web design begins with your logo and existing graphics.  If you don't have those, Armanda Designs can create a vector logo for the site, your business cards, wearables, and print.  Many businesses work with manufacturers or distributors that offer graphics that can be customized to suit your specific needs.  If these resources are not availble to you, Armanda Designs can create graphics suitable for your site. They will incorporate your message, show your products and services.

When designing for the web there are other considerations like device size, files size, and a little spiff here and there.  There are layout techniques specific to website design that allow your content to be displayed in the best way possible on any device. Armanda Designs uses Bootstrap and jQuery to create responsive sites that look great on on any device.  Navigation will also be responsive so that all of your links display on every device from desktop to mobile.

Technical Considerations

A successful website is part technology, part marketing.  The technical aspects include the server, the code, the database, and email.  The marketing aspects include the message, the graphics, lead generation, and call to action.  Some companies have a person or department for both IT and Marketing.  Some have one or the other, some have neithter.  Armanda Desings can step into one or both of those roles to create a website that will generate more business.  Armanda Desings uses Windows Server, the .NET Framework, and SQL Server on the technical site to create dynamic sites that are easy to update, search engine friendly, and complement your existing print or video message.

Many companies hear website and they assign it to their IT Department when it should be a collaboration of IT and Marketing.  IT can assist with or handle the technical aspects such as  Armanda Designs can help with both Marketing and the Technical aspects of your site.


e-Commerce sites come in various shapes and sizes, each with the same goal, to sell your products or services online.

Armanda Designs develops e-Commerce Solutions for small to medium size businesses. We specialize in cost-effective checkout solutions that utilize PayPal to minimize your upfront and ongoing expense. Custom e-commerce solutions that fit your products and work flow are more affordable than you think.  Have an e-Commerce idea, let's talk about it!