Hosted Applications

Currently, Armanda Designs offers two hosted applications for your business use. We offer a Blind Inventory System and the EZ-Res Reservation System for campgrounds, RV Parks, and Cottage Rentals.  These affordable, feature packed, and robust applications are ideally suited for small to medium sized businesses.

Armanda Designs is a small business.  No pushy sales people, just folks who know how to create web applications for real people.  If you're interested in either of our hosted applications, PLEASE call us for a quick demo and so we can learn about how you run your business, and make small adjustements can be tailored for your use.

These applications are not one size fits all.  If you're up for it, speaking on the phone is the best option.

Blind Inventory System

This system is designed to be used primarily for your annual inventory count, but can easily be designed for monthly or quarterly reports.  Your parts and rooms/storage areas are loaded into the database.  Each user has their own credentials and the Blind Inventory System can be used by any internet connected device, even a phone. Other small businesses who use this system deploy their counters to the different rooms/storage areas, when they find a part, they count a part.  If they find it again, they can enter it again.  The Blind Inventory System works faster so that the counters don't linger on 1 or 2 on your printed report by room/storage areas that might be missing or have been moved. There are two admin reports, one of the complete parts count and one with the parts count by room/storage area. Role Management is implemented so that only Admin users can view the reports.

Please feel free to call and discuss your inventory needs or to arrange a demo. 

EZ-Res Reservation System

The Reservation System was developed in conjunction with an RV Park owner and is highly intuitive and designed for quick phone reservations and lookup for your staff.  This system requires light customization to make it your own.  While there are common ways to do business in the outdoor recreation industry, we find that each individual business has their own way of doing things.  To the best of our ability, we will align this application to be in step with your in person policies and procedures. 

This application was build for a park that takes phone reservations and resides in a state where it's legal to pass the credit card fees on to the consumer.  The default build is for that purpose.  If you prefer online reservations, we can build checkout systems through PayPal, and many more. 

This robust system is best shown with a phone walk through to help you understand the features.  Please call for a demo.