Social Media & Marketing Plans

Armanda Designs has helped customers with their Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Email Marketing, and the integration of all of the above. We can help you with everything you need to get started and stay with you along the way, if you wish. Social Media should be a component of your Marketing Plan. That term, marketing plan, strikes fear into many small businesses. Essentially, your Marketing Plan is a road map of how you are going to promote your products and services to meet your business goals. Social Media and Email Marketing can be a very effective way to promote your business and should not consume your entire day. Let us show you how!

Social Media is the single biggest component to your online marketing strategy that you can perform quickly and easily on an ongoing basis. It takes just a few minutes to send a tweet, a few minutes to upload a picture, a compelling description, and a call to action. Allow Social Media to help your business succeed, but don't allow it to take over your life.